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R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS. To download R, please click on this link and choose your preferred CRAN mirror.

The purpose of this package is to estimate a summary survival curve from the survival rates and numbers of at-risk individuals extracted from studies of a meta-analysis. Survival probabilities have to be extracted at the same set of points in time for all studies. Missing data are not allowed. Studies included in the meta-analysis can have different follow-up durations. For a study ending after the time t, all survival probabilities until t have to be entered in data.
Input data are sorted by study and by time. As an example, we proposed a data frame with the data extracted from a meta-analysis by Cabibbo et al. (Hepatology, 2010).

Download the MetaSurv package and save the resulting file to your machine

Install the MetaSurv package

  • Shut down R if it is running.
  • Using a command-line window navigate (using the "cd" command) to the directory where you saved the file and issue the command: sudo R CMD INSTALL metaSurv_0.x.tar.gz.
  • Shut down R if it is running.
  • Restart R from the Start Menu.
  • From the Packages menu, choose the Install package(s) from local zip files.
  • Navigate to and choose the file you just downloaded:
If you find any bugs in MetaSurv package, please e-mail us and we will take your comments into account in the next version.